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June 16 - 17, 2024


Words & Music by Korrie Yamaoka
Concept by Sasha Weiss & Korrie Yamaoka
Directed by Sasha Weiss

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The world premiere of Korrie Yamaoka’s indie rock fantasy song cycle “White Space” hits New Village Arts White Family Stage this June for two nights only. “White Space” dives into the journey of a mother–haunted and hunted by the mundane challenges of parenthood–fighting to rediscover the passion for creating art. Figures from her fantasies–a terminally ill patient, a frontier woman, and a sailor–reflect her struggles and triumphs like light through a prism, weaving between reality, mythology and fantasy as she tries to break free.“White Space” features three women as the voices of the artist and her fantasy avatars: Korrie Yamaoka (composer/lyricist), Sasha Weiss (co-creator/director) and Faith Carrion; accompanied by San Diego songwriters and theatrical musicians Evan Bethany (violin, backing vocals), PJ Bovee (guitar), David Ryan Norgren (Bass) and Jason Yamaoka (drums, acoustic guitar).Don’t miss this genre bending unexpected piece, influenced by the music of indie rock female composers Anais Mitchell and Sara Bareilles and sharing a private look at artist-motherhood through the prism of one of San Diego’s most iconic musical artists, Korrie Yamaoka. June 16 and 17 only, 7:30 p.m.

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